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The 11th International Camping Congress - Sochi Russia

9 - 13 de octubre 2017


The National Camp Association of Russia will be the host of the ICC 2017.
Surrounded by 13 seas and border from East to West with 18 countries, Russia is a multi-national country located both in Europe and in Asia. Russia is enriching the world heritage through its outstanding culture, magnificent theatre, music, architecture, language and authentic traditions.
The population of Russia is more than 146 million people. Among them there are over 27 million children and teenagers aged up to 18.
Russia has developed a unique system of outdoor camping education and recreation for children and youth. There are over 53 thousand diverse summer camps and educational centers. More than 7 million children attend Russian camps year-round.
Sochi has been announced to be the hosting city of the 11th International Camping Congress.